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I take it all back! There IS a reason for Word of the Year contests. You all 
were so right and I was sooooo wrong. 

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> ...but not all that much.
> Today's new one on me was invoked on tonight's "PTI" (Pardon the
> Interruption, a two-man sports talk TV show on ESPN).  Apparently the
> assistant coach of the Detroit Lions, a fellow who has had some
> problems handling alcohol in the past, was recently stopped and
> ticketed for the offense of...Porky Pigging.  This was defined by the
> PTI guys as "driving around naked".  But in fact, that would
> represent a widening, as it were, of the original meaning, which
> (according to both Urban Dictionary and common sense) involves more
> strictly "to drive around naked from the waist down", as in the
> eponymous innovator of the practice (well, actually, I guess Porky
> himself doesn't do much actual driving).  Evidently, based on other
> postings, the true porky pigger is expected to wear a shirt and (my
> son informs me) a fishing hat.  Or, as one site has it,
> ...known as "Donald Ducking" or "Porky Pigging". The "official"
> outfit is: shoes, no pants and no undies, a tie-dyed t-shirt that
> hangs just high enough to show off one's...
> well, you get the idea.
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