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Tue Sep 12 10:41:12 UTC 2006

On Sep 11, 2006, at 23:19, Barnhart wrote:
> Is anyone else having difficulty getting into the deep archives of
> American Speech? It's been a while.  Have they changed access codes
> without my knowing it?

Access to the American Speech archives have indeed changed in the
last year. If you are an ADS member, you can acquire access to the
archives by following these instructions. Sorry they are so
complicated, but that's Duke's doing.

Go to this URL:

For back-issue access, click on the link marked "You can get member
access to JSTOR here."

You probably need to get a user name and password, so click on the
"Need to Activate" link.

On that page, click on the link marked "Individuals and Society
Members: Activate your online access"

It then asks for your customer number. Duke puts the customer numbers
on a sheet of paper inside the plastic wrapping of AS issues, so
chances are you've discarded that information. So you'll need to
click on the link marked "Did you forget your Customer Number?"

That page gives you this email address:

HWfeedback at

Send them your full name, postal address, the name of the journal,
and ask for your customer number. They are usually prompt with replies.

Then when you get your customer number, input it on this page:

That will allow you to set up your account.

 From then on, you can access the journals at this page:

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