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Well, re the good part of the bad old days, as the saying goes, "It's
an ill wind that blows nobody good." ;-)


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> Some people just have ALL the advantages!  That is, up until Wilson's time . . . .
> --Charlie
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> >Little-known fact: back in the day, former slave states such as Texas and Missouri paid the tuition of black students for them to go to out-of-state, "Northern" state universities, if the local colored state college didn't offer a particular major, but the local white state university did, in order to maintain state-wide segregation. The state of Texas paid my mother's sister to go to the University of Iowa to major in chemistry, rather than admit her to the University of Texas. Missouri paid the tuition for friends of mine to go to the Universities of Iowa, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, and Cal-Berkeley rather than admit them to the University of Missouri. Unfortunately for me, this practice was ended in Missouri in 1954, the year that I graduated from high school.
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