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>Well, re the good part of the bad old days, as the saying goes, "It's
>an ill wind that blows nobody good." ;-)
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>> Some people just have ALL the advantages!  That is, up until Wilson's
>>time . . . .
>> --Charlie
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>> >Little-known fact: back in the day, former slave states such as Texas
>>and Missouri paid the tuition of black students for them to go to
>>out-of-state, "Northern" state universities, if the local colored state
>>college didn't offer a particular major, but the local white state
>>university did, in order to maintain state-wide segregation. The state of
>>Texas paid my mother's sister to go to the University of Iowa to major in
>>chemistry, rather than admit her to the University of Texas. Missouri
>>paid the tuition for friends of mine to go to the Universities of Iowa,
>>Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, and Cal-Berkeley rather than admit
>>them to the University of Missouri. Unfortunately for me, this practice
>>was ended in Missouri in 1954, the year that I graduated from high school.
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>> >-Wilson
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 Let's see now, what was it we were saying about "irony".....?  The ironies
here go on & on.  Ends justifying means?  Doing good that evil may come?

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