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AP article below says "mancation" was popularized by Vince Vaughn in
"The Break-Up" this past summer. The line in the movie, according to
one website is: "I'm excited. I look at it like I'm on mancation."

Hotels luring guys with 'mancations'

MIAMI BEACH, Florida (AP) -- Gene Grabarnick longed for a hotel with
all the things a man would want on a getaway with friends.
Where the concierge ushers guests to the hottest clubs. Where
requests, from hand-rolled cigars to a favorite beer in the mini-bar,
are unflinchingly filled. Where luxury is wrapped in sexy, swanky
So, he built it.
The Regent South Beach, the hotel Grabarnick developed here and plans
to open in October, is among businesses nationwide targeting guys
vacationing -- or as they like to say, "mancationing" -- with their
friends. They are offering everything from poker parties to
hand-rolled cigars, buckets of beer to sports tickets, all in hopes of
tapping a growing market.
An "Urban Dictionary" definition for mancation describes it as men
engaging in masculine activities such as sports, camping, gambling,
chasing women and drinking, without the presence of wives, mistresses
or girlfriends. Vince Vaughn helped popularize the term in this
summer's romantic comedy "The Break-Up."
Many businesses began mancation packages after their "girls' getaways"
-- vacations taken by women together with friends or female relatives
-- proved popular.

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