"Windy City" & "Big Apple" both wrong in Early Show Ken Jennings interview

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     Barry's detailed treatment on the origin of "The Windy City" (+ Nathan Bierma's excellent Chicago-Tribune article on the topic, with due credit given to Barry) appears in the just published Studies in Slang, vol. 7. I was informed just today that the copies will be delivered to me tomorrow. Barry and I are co-authors/editors, and in a few days I'll send the full table of contents to ads-l.
     With Barry's "Windy City" treatment now officially published, any misstatements by CBS or whoever can be countered by sending a copy of the article to the persons who make the incorrect statement---that is, if it seems worthwhile to do so.  Not every incorrect statement has to be corrected.
    Next summer (2007) I'll prepare a second edition of my 1991 monograph _Origin of New York City's Nickname "The Big Apple"_,  this time with Barry listed as co-author in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to the subject.  Incorrect statements by people uninterested in finding out the true origin of a word/expression are inevitable, but they are also unimportant.  What matters is persuading the scholarly community, and with respect to "Windy City" and "The Big Apple," that's already well underway.
Gerald Cohen

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FYI. Why don't I just kill myself?

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