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I just returned from Texas, where I will relocate. BTW, if anyone wants an  
apartment at East 57th Street and Third Avenue in NYC, let me know.
Maybe someone can check Nexis and Factiva for these Tex-Mex spinoff terms,  
both of which seem to come from Texas restaurants.
Mex-Mex and New Mex-Mex
"Mex-Mex” is simply Mexican food, a term that’s a spin-off of “Tex-Mex.” “
New  Mex-Mex” is New Mexican-Mexican food. 

The term “Mex-Mex” may have been  coined at Pico’s in Houston, and the term “
New Mex-Mex” may have been coined at  Chuy’s in Austin. 

_Pico’s_ (   
Pico’s  Mex-Mex Restaurant, with its innovative regional Mexican menu, is 
ideal for  satisfying those Mexican food cravings. Enjoy fresh seafood or spinach 
 enchiladas, pollo pibil (marinated chicken snuggled in banana leaves and 
baked  to tender perfection) or camarones adobados (jumbo Gulf shrimp, 
bacon-wrapped  and basted with adobo sauce). Relax on the palapa-covered patio to the 
music of  strolling musicians and enjoy a Margarita from one of the best 
selections in the  city. Discover Pico’s Mex-Mex ….discover the cuisine of Mexico.  

_Chuy’s_ (  
There are hundreds of details  that go into running a restaurant. But food 
gets our top priority. It always  has. Before Elvis’ image was ever spotted on a 
Chuy’s tortilla, before we  created a swirl margarita, we talked about the 
food we’d serve.  
We wanted to preserve the homey feeling of the way restaurants were in the  50
’s. That meant creating a menu that reminded us of home. Which is exactly  
where we looked to find our tasty recipes. They came from friends and family who 
 created them from scratch, or had them handed down from family before them. 
Some  recipes originated in the Rio Grande Valley and the Davis Mountains. 
Still  others came from New Mexico. A few recipes we tweaked. Others we left 
alone. But  every ingredient had to be fresh. The results have been tasty ever 
since. Do it  for yourself. Do it for your stomach.  

14 September 2006, Austin  American-Statesman, XLENT (entertainment 
magazine), pg. 7:  
Chuy’s: Can you resist a room covered in hubcaps in a restaurant  teeming 
with energy (from the dozens of University of Texas students willing to  wait 
more than an hour for a table on an average evening)? If not, this spot  will 
perk up your spirit and fill you with New Mex-Mex, a style of Mexican food  that 
features stacked enchiladas and green chiles—a sharp contrast to the  
traditional Tex-Mex menu found most places in town. 1728 Barton Springs Road,  

_Google  Groups: 
From:  William Watson 
Date:   Thurs, Aug 30 1990 9:51 am 

Some of my favorite “mexican” restaurants in  Austin serve New Mex-Mex food. 
 All of the locations of Chuy’s have blue  corn tortillas, and I believe that 
they serve sopapillas as well. Manuel’s in  downtown Austin also serves New 
Mex-Mex cuisine. I suspect that New Mex-Mex is  also served elsewhere in the 

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From:  William Harriman 
Date:  Sun, Jun  19 1994 10:16 pm 

While in Houston put these two restaurants on you list,  both are resonably 
prioops that was “priced” , offer good value and are among  the best in they’
re class.  Pico’s (2 locations) offers fantastic Mexican  food, not the usual 
Tex Mex but food with wonderful sauces that they prefer to  call Mex Mex.  For 
barbeque in Houston the standard is Good’s Barbeque - it  is excellent and 
probably without doubt the best in town.  

_Google  Groups: houston.eats_ 
From:  TruskiDo 
Date:  Tues, Jun 4  1996 12:00 am 

In article <31B49ECD.5... at>, Sudeep  Dhillon 
>Have you tried ZuZu at Champions  and FM 1960.  Great casual food.  I was 
>amazed at the quality  of the food you get for $5-6.  Not a casual sit 
>down resturant but  more like Jason’s deli where you go up and order the 
>food.  Does it  qualify for NuMex  
This debate really puzzles me.  I consider “New Mexican” to be stuff  like 
green chiles, pozole, and blue corn tortillas, etc. which is available at  Mesa 
(for the most part). TexMex is enchiladas, tacos, etc. ZuZu’s is “New  TexMex
” for lack of a better name—fresher, more authentic Tex-Mex sans Velveeta  
sauce. And then there’s “Mex-mex” (coined by Pico’s) which is more authentic  
mexican (also available at Merida).  But I gues the phrase “NuMex” is  
puzzling because I don’t know if it means New Mexican or New “Tex-Mex.”  

Translations The  English translation of “FRONTERA” is “border”. 
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namely, chopped chile and  tomato sauce, green chile sauce passed through a mill, 
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