Dallas County Jail Chili (1966, 1968, 1976); Newspaperarchive; ADS-L

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One more cite (until I check the Dallas Morning News & Newspaperarchive digitizes more TX papers):
14 February 1968, Fremont (CA) Argus, pg. 9: 
MR. MILLER’S chili recipe is the same that made the Dallas County Jail famous, he said. “Do you know that the chili in that jail was so good, people were committing crimes just to get in there?” 
I e-mailed Newspaperarchive about the availablility of Austin (TX) newspapers. I got this response that makes no sense:
Dear Barry Popik,
We do use the Microfilm process when archiving newspapers.  This process takes approximately 6 to 9 months.  We are adding new content every second.
ADS-L posts are coming up highly on Google searches, so I might as well take credit for my own work. If anyone at ADS-L can eliminate the "log in to unmask" and show my name and e-mail address, that would be OK.
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