kurd or curd = corn stalks?

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Fri Sep 22 02:46:45 UTC 2006

Google has only three hits. The first seems genuine, the second a maybe,
and the third looks like words nearly randomly strung together. No clue
on what they are, though.

 From http://www.cba.uni.edu/chinadiaries/archive/andy.html: I picked
some thinly sliced beef, corn curds, one bundle of noodles, and some
sliced sweet potatoes...I was convinced by my waitress to get the corn
curds; I had no clue what they were. My waitress started my hot water
for me, and I loaded all of my beef in the boiling water first, hoping
that it would stay in the longest killing what ever was living on,
remembering the rat. I also threw in some potatoes, few noodles and some
corn curds.

Google also has two citations but without caches. The first isn't up,
the second doesn't have the word curd, but here are the Google citations:

1. From
iowa blows chunks big time and there all over me, nasty corn curds in my
hiar did.

2. From www.thousandlabel.org/dextrous/1291_manuals.html: While I was
standing in the existing online poker frequented by the corn curds,
there resumed up to me a asteroid outdoor man, well dressed, and mounted on

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> My wife retired and is volunteering in a talented & gifted class for
> 5th-graders in an Athens elementary school including some smart kids from
> Chauncey, OH.  They were talking abt the groups in Iraq and when she
> mentioned the Kurds two girls laughed and said that's the corn after you're
> done eating it (leftover cobs & husks).  DARE didn't have anything like
> this--any clues?

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