Celebrinerd (2006)

Troy foxfoot at YAHOO.COM
Thu Sep 28 01:59:51 UTC 2006

There's something about the "brin" that will prevent
it fro catching on, I bet.

I prefer Uberdork.


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> Subject:      Celebrinerd (2006)
> Ken Jennings was described in Time Magazine as a
> celebrinerd, which he mentioned in his blog on Sept.
> 18:
> My favorite part of Grossman’s review: he calls me a
> “celebrinerd.” This is in line with the Time-honored
> tradition of inventing stupid mash-up words and
> hoping they catch on. When Time turned 75, the
> magazine actually ran an article about this annoying
> editorial tic. They claim to have coined
> “guesstimate” and “televangelist” and popularized
> “smog,” but their list of failed portmanteaus is
> much, much longer. My favorites include
> “cinemoppet,” “nudancer,” “sexational,” “twinsult,”
> and “politricks.”
> So now I have my very own stillborn Time neologism!
> I’m a celebrinerd. Thanks, Lev Grossman–that’s
> sexational!
> http://ken-jennings.com/blog/?p=170
> Since then, he's tracking its spread in further blog
> posts:
> Sept. 19:
> Celebrinerd Watch, Day 1. I plan to track the
> progress of Time magazine’s new can’t-miss
> neologism, “celebrinerd,” about which I blogged
> yesterday. Although I’m honored to have inspired
> this coinage, it’s not just me I’m doing this for.
> What about Clay Aiken, or Bill Gates? Or that guy
> who played Urkel? We need this word. Sadly, no
> Google hits as of 10:30 a.m. this morning. I know,
> sometimes memes take time, but I can’t believe this
> hasn’t caught on by now. I’ll try again around noon.
> http://ken-jennings.com/blog/?p=171
> Sept. 23:
> I had to wake up early to be on something called
> Satellite Sisters–and the sisters used the word
> “celebrinerd” in the intro! Not to mention we’re up
> to 78 Google hits, last time I looked.
> http://ken-jennings.com/blog/?p=186
> And people are mentioning on his message board that
> they're trying to popularize the word:
> The result? 687 Google hits as of 3:30 this
> afternoon (Pacific time). Could celebrinerd be this
> year's truthiness?
>  -- James Callan
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> http://www.americandialect.org

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