Wal-Mart's "Persians" (Pershings?) (1928), Bismarks, and Long Johns

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Greetings from Texas, after a day of Wal-Mart shopping for things like a  
garden hose, broom, Bounty towels, and such.
The Wal-Mart in nearby Buda has a bakery section that offers such  things as 
Persians, Bismarks, and Long Johns. Persians?
After doing a Google search, I found that "Log in to unmask" over at the  
American Dialect Society website (no way I'll ever get credit for my own  work) 
did some work on Bismarks/Bismarcks and Pershings.
Is "Persians" merely an error for "Pershings"?
The "Persian Roll" appears to date back to at least a Washington Post  
article from 1928.
I also saw something at Mart of Wal this morning. And I preface this with  
the observation that I know I'm being nitpicky and old-fashioned and all  that.

I did something I rarely do: I bought a donut. They have those big  
self-serve donut cases, you know? With the names of all the donuts on little  signs?

Well, they had a shelf of "Bismarcks" (filled raised donuts. I  knew them as 
filled with currant jelly but it seems a custard filling is more  typical. And 
the currant-jelly ones may actually be Berliners.). These donuts  are named, 
yes, for the German Chancellor.

But they also had a shelf of  "Iced Persians." A sort of donut/cinnamon roll 

No, no, no, no.  They are not "Persians." They are "Pershings." My 
understanding is that they  were named that during WWI, after General Pershing. You 
know: Bismarcks  (Germany) and Pershings (America). Kind of an early version of 
Freedom Fries. Or  similar to "Liberty Kraut" which is what sauerkraut was 
renamed in  WWI.

(And yeah, I know that Bismarck was not involved in WWI; he was dead  by that 
_American Dialects 101 - www.ezboard.com_ 
(http://p211.ezboard.com/fwordoriginsorgfrm9.showMessage?topicID=65.topic)      In Seattle there were " pershings 
" ; in  Boston " bismarks " . " Crullers " , as you mention , seems to have  
a diff meaning on the two coasts . ...
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Custard Filled , Chocolate Frosted Long Johns.  Granulated Sugar Coated , 
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Bismark.  Donuts: Lance. Powdered Sugar Gem ...
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_Crawfords Bakery - BAKERY Brochure_ 
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_Maplehurst Product 1 Data Sheet_ 
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[Bullet] ...
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(ADS-L POST, March 19, 2000)
LONG JOHNS--DARE has "An oblong pastry, usu. with a  cream or jelly filling
and often frosted or glazed," from 1945.   "Long Johns" is on page 423 under
"doughnuts" in A TREATISE ON BAKING  (1948) by Julius E. Wihlfahrt (He's a
cook and that's his name!   What can I do?--ed.), published by Fleischmann
Division of Standard  Brands.  "Bismarks" and "Pershings" are on the  same

BISMARCK--DARE has 1930s for "an oblong cake, cooked  in deep fat" and 1950
for "a deep-fried cake with a filling, usu. of  jelly."  CAKES FOR BAKERS
(Chicago, third edition 1926) by Paul  Richards has "Bismarcks" on page  223.

(ADS-L POST, June 28, 2002)
PERSHINGS, BISMARKS--Found in the bakery department of the huge Fred Meyer  
superstore.  DARE for Pershing?
_Handy  Hints To Help the Homemaker; Recipes for Dinner Menu of Broiled Meat 
Cakes,  Hashed Browned Potatoes and Dressing for Chopped Cabbage. _ 
By LOUISE BENNETT WEAVER.. The Washington  Post (1877-1954). Washington, 
D.C.: Oct 9, 1928. p. 11 (1 page) 
_Persian Roll._
1 package orange-flavored prepared gelatin.
1 2-3 cups boiling water.
1 teaspoon vanilla.
1/2 teaspoon lemon extract.
1/4 teaspoon salt.
1 cup stiffly whipped cream.
1 cup chopped dates.
1/2 cup nuts, broken.
6 macaroons broken in small pieces.
Pour the boiling water over the gelatin mixtures and stir until it has  
thoroughly dissolved. Add the vanilla, lemon extract and salt. Cool and chill  
until a little thick. Beat until frothy and beat in all the rest of the  
ingredients. Pour into a glass mold (glass bread dish suggested), which has been  
rinsed out of cold water. Set in a cold place to stiffen. Unmold and cover with  
whipped cream. Place nut meats and red cherries on the top. Serve roll cut in  
1/2-inch slices.goo
_Display  Ad 19 -- No Title_ 
Los Angeles Times (1886-Current  File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Apr 7, 1960. p. 
22 (1 page) 
Casa de Donuts
This Week at
DONUTS -- the best you've ever eaten! Made fresh hourly! They're Delicious!  
Watch them made. You'll love 'em. 20 Varieties! Fancy cake donuts, Long Johns, 
 French, Glazed, Buttermilk Bars, Bismarcks, Persian Rolls, Cinnamon and many 
                 _Evening Tribune, The_ 
_Wednesday, May 28, 1930_ 
(http://www.newspaperarchive.com/Search.aspx?Search="persian+rolls"+AND+date:1930-05-28)  _Albert Lea,_ 
nge:1759-1940)  _Minnesota_ 
(http://www.newspaperarchive.com/Search.aspx?Search="persian+rolls"+AND+stateid:56+AND+range:1759-1940)   PERSIAN ROLLS, per 
doz. JELLY ROLLS,  each COOKIES, per dor. CREAM SLICES, per  
                 _Kansas City Star, The_ 
 _Sunday, June 20, 1937_ 
(http://www.newspaperarchive.com/Search.aspx?Search="persian+roll"+AND+date:1937-06-20)  _Kansas,_ 
759-1940)  _Missouri_ 
(http://www.newspaperarchive.com/Search.aspx?Search="persian+roll"+AND+stateid:58+AND+range:1759-1940)   Berkshire  Beuuly Shop 
"PERSIAN ROLL" An exotic InlcrprrtBllon of  the popular ROLL 

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