OT: lashes [Was: more lost subjunctive; protest at]

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Since you put it that way, I''m become totally confused and am no
longer certain what I meant. Perhaps you will allow me to retract
anything that I may have had to say on the subject, lest I find myself
contradicted by those impeccable sources, the Bible or the writings of
the colonial authorities, given that slavemasters  and sea captains
must necessarily have followed their strictures.


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> At 12/1/2007 02:34 PM, Wilson Gray wrote:
> >OT: Should there be anyone who doesn't already know, the lashes are
> >applied incrementally and not all at once. The lashee is allowed to
> >heal between sets of lashings. For dekkids, I'd wondered how slaves
> >and seamen lived through those twenty to 100 lashes that you read
> >about.
> By :"all at once", I will assume Wilson does not mean "at the same
> instant."  That would require 40 lashers, or about 4 and 1/2
> simultaneous cats-o-nine-tails.
> I believe up to 40 lashes could be given in one set in colonial
> America, limited by something or other in the Bible.  This could be
> repeated for multiple transgressions.  However, it will take me some
> time to cite authorities (whether Biblical or Colonial), if I be required to.
> Joel
> Joel
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