Even Further Antedating of "Movie"

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Fred Shapiro has two antedatings here.  1909 for the sense of a moving picture, 1911 in the sense of a theater where moving pictures are shown.  Very nice.

> movie (OED3 1911)
1909 _Philadelphia Inquirer_ 14 Nov. 10 (America's Historical Newspapers)  Then, as is his habit, after a few moments of thought, he  resumed with a new picture -- as they would say in the "movies."
movie (OED3 1911 Aug.)

1911 _Philadelphia Inquirer_ 8 Jan. 5 (America's Historical Newspapers)  I had entertained the mistaken impression that the house was one of those "Movies" -- as the small boy chooses to call the picture show shops -- notwithstanding the enthusiasm displayed in the advance notices of its erection.

Fred says > I apologize to those offended by antedatings.

The results of the recent crusade here to stamp out antedating has had curious results.  I gave offense by saying that the intent of the crusaders was to kick antedaters off the list.  I should have said, the intent was to create a Separate but Equal list, just for antedatings; indeed, several SbE lists, for there was to be one for the eggcorners, too.  But the prospect of provoking the creation of this gulag seems to have frightened off some of us who were using the list to post the results of our research, while the crusaders haven't come forward with postings of their own research, and the result has been, that traffic on ADS-L has dropped off greatly, until now I hardly know what to do with my free time.


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