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Does OED  have tomato soup? Bean soup? Celery soup? Won Ton soup? Pea soup?
Chicken soup? Vegetable soup? Oxtail soup? Condensed soup? Onion soup? Garlic
 soup? Pasta soup? Noodle soup? Asparagus soup? Barley soup? Thin soup? Thick
 soup?  Stone soup? Barley Soup? Egg-drop soup? Pumpkin soup? Squash soup?
Cucumber soup? Lemon soup? Beet soup? Not to mention Clam chowder? Fish
chowder? ,,,

If not, can we expect an indignant e-mail message and  Google count for each
of these?

I did one damn American regional food-related message all day on ADS-L. I
worked very hard on it, did a tremendous job, and didn't make a dime.  It
couldn't be deleted fast enough on your Blackberry. I'm really sorry.  Jesus Christ,
how insensitive can you be?
Tortilla soup is, perhaps, the most popular soup of the Southwest. It is  not
merely "soup with tortillas in it." There's a process, a recipe for making
it. You can't take the "won tons" out of "won ton soup" (yes, that's in  OED),
add "tortillas," and simply rename it "tortilla soup."
Also, "Aztec soup" is not merely "a soup containing Aztecs." Actually, it
doesn't contain any Aztecs.
"Tortilla Soup/Aztec Soup" should be a Wikipedia entry. I can't "vandalize"
the Wikipedia with my own scholarship, but anyone else can.
What a disgrace it is to be a food scholar and a member of the American
Dialect Society!

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