Barry Popik's research on food terminology

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Tue Dec 4 02:44:13 UTC 2007

    No discussion of Barry's work on food terminology would be complete
without mentioning his enormous contribution to this area. For some fifteen
years I have not only read his food-terminology mailings and ads-l postings
but tried to polish at least some of them a bit and present them in Comments
on Etymology (series of working papers).  The aim is then to present them in
more formal publications, although many of the items are already in pretty
good shape in Com. on Et.

    A check of my files shows treatments of his on "ice-cream sundae," "Tom
Collins," "chicken a la king," "Bloody Mary," "crepes suzette," "Daquiri,"
"Bacardi," "Sloppy Joe's," "Coffee break," "cappuccino," "thousand island
dressing," "hush puppies," Margarita," "Moscow mule," "chiffon pie,"
"chiffon cake," "Danish pastry," "Margherita pizza," various articles on
hash-house lingo, extraordinary work on "hot dog," "pie-eating context,"
"eat crow," "potato chip," and "cheesecake."  I assume I've missed a few

 I know of no one who has piled into the origin of food terminology with the
passion that Barry has, and our field owes him an enormous debt of
gratitude,  His items listed in the preceding paragraph are just the tip of
the iceberg. I have loads of other food items of his waiting to be put into
publishable shape, and at some point I would like to compile his various
culinary items into a book with him listed as author.

  So to Barry I say thank you.  As long as you maintain an interest in this
subject, I'll be pleased and honored to continue publishing your work.

Gerald Cohen

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