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Bean  soup is not merely soup with beans in it, either.

"Bean soup" is in the OED. As are "barley soup," "matzo ball soup," and  some 
others. No one has checked?
"Tortilla soup" is mentioned in over 500 books on Google Books, but it's  
surely still "minutia." What an insult!

bean, n.

General relations:    a. objective with agent-noun or vbl. n., as 
bean-setter,  -setting;    b. instrumental, as bean-election,  -fed  (1589);    c. 
similative, as bean-ore,  -shaped;    d. attrib. (of the seed), as bean-bread,  
-broth,  -corn,  -diet,  -flour,  -meal  (a 1000), -porridge,  -soup, 
1837 _J. C. NEAL_ (  
Charcoal Sk. (1838) 98 Hollering  oysters and *bean soup has  guv' me a 
splendid voice. 1856  _KANE_ (  
Arct. Exp. II. xvi. 169 A stock  of concentrated bean-soup was  cooked.   

General relations:    a. objective with vbl. or agent-noun, as barley-buyer,  
-sower,  -sowing;    b. instrumental with passive pple., as barley-fed  
(1851);    c. simple attrib. as, (of the plant) barley-crop,  -earth,  -eddish,  
-field,  -ground  (1523), -harvest,  -mill,  -rick,  -seed,  -straw,  -stubble;  
(of the grain) barley-bran,  -chaff,  -flour,  -groats,  -meal  (1388);    d. 
attrib. of material (= made of or with), as  barley-beer,  -bread,  -broth,  
-bun,  -cake,  -crust,  -gruel,  -loaf  (1200), -pudding,  -scon,  -soup.

1747 _H. GLASSE_ (  
Art of Cookery ix. 78 (heading) A *Barley Soup. 1935  _BROWNE_ 
(  & _WILLIAMS_ 
(  World's Best Recipes 22 (heading) Barley 
matzo ball, a small dumpling  made of seasoned matzo meal bound together with 
egg and chicken fat, typically  served in chicken soup. matzo brei (also 
matzo brie) [< Yiddish matse bray <  matse _MATZO_ 
5&result_place=8&xrefword=matzo&ps=n.)  n. +  bray porridge, pulp (< Middle 
High German <N, <Ne: see _BREE_ 
&xrefword=bree&ps=n.&homonym_no=2)  n.2)], pieces of matzo,  softened first 
in water and then in milk and seasoned egg, and fried.  
1903  L. B. KANDER  ‘Settlement’ Cook Bk. (1985) ix. 48 Cracker or *Matzo 
Balls... Moisten with a little soup, add  parsley and salt. Roll into marbles 
and boil in the soup. 1917  A. CAHAN  Rise of David Levinsky  XI. ix. 395 The 
repast included ‘matzo balls’, wine, mead, and other  accessories of a Passover 
meal. 1950  G. ACE Let. in Groucho Lett. (1967) 103 Would Lupowitz and 
Moskowitz  serve black matzo balls? 1986  L. COLWIN  Another Marvellous Thing (1987) 
47 Billy wolfed down her pastrami sandwich and was watching Francis,  a slow 
eater, slowly finish his matzoh ball  soup.

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