Poor man's latte / ghetto latte

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Back in the day - ca.1955-1960 in Los Angeles - when coffee houses
were last hip, the drink of drinks was "icecap" (iced cappucino).
However, I've yet to find a Starbuck's where a barista has ever heard
of it or has been willing to fix one. You''re not as old as you feel.
You're as old as you are when teenagers no longer understand what in
hell you're talking about.


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> The earliest Webcite I can find for "poor man's latte" is Mar 13, 2006
> (http://dc.metblogs.com/archives/2006/03/costco_the_land_1.phtml) by
> narni therese: "my favorite is the "poor man's latte" where a customer
> makes their own iced latte using milk from the condiment bar."
> The next hit I see is Aug 14 2006
> (http://starbucksgossip.typepad.com/_/2006/08/a_seemingly_min.html) by
> CuteBarista!: "(we have at least one person per morning that comes up to
> the counter and demands a free cup of coffee, not to mention the poor
> man's latte folks, etc), we would be losing serious money."
> Around September 2006, both "ghetto latte" and "poor man's latte" seem
> to have hit currency in the press, though the comment from CuteBarista!
> indicates the word was commonly known by then. Probably some earlier
> hits for people with access to newspaper archives.
> There are other, earlier hits, but they don't refer to this particular
> practice.
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