Brooklyn Style Pizza

David Donnell David.Donnell at EARTHLINK.NET
Wed Dec 5 17:08:14 UTC 2007

The irony being that there are very few taxi drivers with any sort of
"New York accents" nowadays.

In any case, Domino's Pizza is certainly the worst pizza in
Brooklyn... and there's plenty of bad pizza there. (But nothing as
bad as the sugary-sauce variety back home in the midwest... "dessert
pizza" I call it!)

Missourian @ NYC

At 10:29 AM -0500 12/5/07, Laurence Horn wrote:
>At 11:47 PM -0600 12/4/07, Dan Goodman wrote:
>>In the Twin Cities, Domino's Pizza has a coupon for Brooklyn style
>>pizza.  "Large Brooklyn-style Hand Stretched Thin Crust, Big Foldable
>>Slices, Top it With Extra Large Brooklyn-style Sausage or Pepperoni
>>This is the first I've heard of Brooklyn having a distinct style of pizza.
>Starting a few months ago, they've been running (or did run--I think
>the campaign is over around here) a TV commercial for these
>Brooklyn-style pizzas, featuring taxi drivers with "Brooklyn accents".

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