More 19th Cent obscenities (UNCLASSIFIED)

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Johann Wilhelm Fück-Kolloquium (1st : 1987 : Halle an der Saale, Germany)

A keen eye will note the umaut; less-keen eyes won't.  He seems to have been an Arabist; died in 1974..


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Subject: More 19th Cent obscenities (UNCLASSIFIED)

> Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED
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> Moving slightly OT:
> Is anyone familiar with a German (or other Northern Europe) nickname or
> first name that, when written in longhand script, would look like
> "Fuck"?  I entered that term into the database, and have
> found a number of people who immigrated to America (mostly mid 1800's,
> into eastern ports) with apparently the first name "Fuck".  Some are
> Chinese (Sam Fuck, Han Fuck, Chen Fuck, Fuck Kee Lee, Wan Fuck, Wong
> Fuck), which I could believe.  But the rest strike me as odd:  Anna Fuck
> from Germany, Fuck Carlson from Sweden, Fuck Gross from Belgium, Fuck
> Lunbeck from Germany, Fuck Scharpf from Belgium.  I'm pretty sure it's
> not "Frank".  Was Frck a common abbreviation for Frederick? (although
> the second letter of the word in question doesn't look like other "r"s
> on the page).
> Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED
> Caveats: NONE
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