Brooklyn-style pizza

Geoff Nathan geoffnathan at WAYNE.EDU
Fri Dec 7 11:23:57 UTC 2007

I discussed this object with my wife, Margaret Winters, who grew up in
Boro Park, a well-known district of Brooklyn.  She recalls pizza in
storefront caf├ęs that had been sitting on steam tables for hours, with
the smell of stale mozarella wafting through the air.  (It wasn't till
she was an adult that she was able to actually eat pizza, because of the
memory of that smell).
What makes this relevant (yes, there is a point) is that Pizza Hut makes
a big deal of being able to roll these 'Brooklyn-style' pizzas up.
Margaret suspects that is related to the soggy crusts caused by the fact
that they sat on steam tables for hours, being sold slice by slice.


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