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Pardon my going off-topic.

Didn't think it would ever need to be said, but
there's some amazing pizza here in NYC--including
Brooklyn. And the foldable quality to the crust
is neither an accident nor a flaw.

Lombardi's Pizzeria, on Spring Street, claims to
be the first pizzeria in the USA. My wife loves
their thin crust, but I actually find it too
thin. In any case, their pies are made with the
best, freshest ingredients, and they're
absolutely delicious.

My point: the foldable crust on (some) NYC pizza
is no accident, and it's not the result of it
sitting around for a long time.

More about Lombardi's here:

Also, the worst pizza on earth (other than the
frozen kind) must surely be Imo's Pizza, in my
native St Louis. Ever heard of Provel cheese?...

Read more:

Missourian in NYC

At 6:23 AM -0500 12/7/07, Geoff Nathan wrote:
>I discussed this object with my wife, Margaret Winters, who grew up in
>Boro Park, a well-known district of Brooklyn.  She recalls pizza in
>storefront cafÈs that had been sitting on steam tables for hours, with
>the smell of stale mozarella wafting through the air.  (It wasn't till
>she was an adult that she was able to actually eat pizza, because of the
>memory of that smell).
>What makes this relevant (yes, there is a point) is that Pizza Hut makes
>a big deal of being able to roll these 'Brooklyn-style' pizzas up.
>Margaret suspects that is related to the soggy crusts caused by the fact
>that they sat on steam tables for hours, being sold slice by slice.
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