Verification of 1911 "Murphy's Law" Proverb Citation

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So now we are left with the problem of how and why this came to be known as "Murphy's Law">


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Date: Saturday, December 8, 2007 7:49 am
Subject: Verification of 1911 "Murphy's Law" Proverb Citation

> I have now verified the 1911 occurrence of the "Murphy's Law" proverb
> from the original book:
> It is an experience common to all men to find that, on any special
> occasion, such as the production of a magical effect for the first
> time in public, everything that _can_ go wrong _will_ go wrong.
> Whether we must attribute this to the malignity of matter or to the
> total depravity of inanimate things, whether the exciting cause is
> hurry, worry or what not, the fact remains.
>      Nevil Maskelyne and David Devant, _Our Magic_ (1911), p. 110
> [this section of the book was written by Maskelyne]
> I have also looked at the original book of _Magic Made Easy_ by David
> Devant (1910), but do not see anything resembling Murphy's Law there.
> Fred Shapiro
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