A torcherous eggcorn

Mark Peters markpeters33 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Dec 12 16:13:30 UTC 2007

This one should be logical enough to earn the eggcorn label. A torcher would make a fine torturer indeed.


  or maybe they could torcher the prisoners for bad behaviour, or give them worse conditions...

  The following day we went to S-21 which is a tourcher camp of the Khmer Rouge. It was very shocking as they have not touched the place. You see the places and the ways they torcher people.

  Don't really remember too much but Sayid's might have been because he torchered people and Kate because she had killed somebody but Im not too sure.

  One of the big arguements of leftists around the world is how America is "torchering" terrorist prisoners. As if America is pulling their fingernails out, drilling holes in their legs, and pouring acid down their throats.....

  What is your purpose, where do you go after death? If I am right and you are wrong. Your afterlife is certain death, your afterlife is going to be torcherous, your afterlife will be an eternity of wishing that you harkened to this comment, or you listened to a family member or friend that wanted to show you something greater.

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