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Not in OED in this sense, "_Aerospace_. in or into the direction of the sun; sunward":

  1943 Arthur G. Donahue _Last Flight from Singapore_ (N.Y.: Macmillan) 63: Where we could be "upsun" of our enemies. Ibid. 76: I got above and upsun.

  1975 J.R. Daniels _Firegold_ (N.Y.: Coward, McCann & Geoghegan) 93: At nine thousand feet, well south of the massif, I could look upsun along the coastal plain towards Malili.

  1989 Tom Blackburn _The Jolly Rogers_ (rpt. Osceola, Wis.: MotorBooks, 2006) 124: We could not figure out why six up-sun Zeros with the altitude advantage had failed to attack the Corsairs.

  1996 Barrett Tillman  _Hellcat Aces of World War II_ (London: Osprey Aerospace) 13: Placed by the radar controller in 'a fighter pilot's dream position' 4000 ft above and 'upsun' of the 24 enemy aircraft.

  2003 Norman "Bud" Fortier _An Ace of the Eighth_ (N.Y.: Random House) 130: They...were suddenly greeted with plenty of flak. Curt decided to fly upsun for several miles, then dive down to the deck...and maybe surprise the flak gunners.

  No obvious WWI exx. appear at Google Books or Live Search Books.


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