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At 1:38 PM -0800 12/17/07, Jonathan Lighter wrote:

>   OTOH, I don't find the Latin verb in either Short's _Latin
>Dictionary for Schools_ (1916) or Traupman's excellent _Bantam New
>College Latin & English Dictionary_...
>   Can it be there *was* no Latin verb _decimo_?  Hard to believe,
>even for gullible me. >>

It's post-Augustan and apparently rather uncommon but perfectly
respectable. It's in the _Oxford Latin Dictionary_ [[1]] and Lewis
and Short:


[[1]] Currently selling for $111.44 (list $315) from Amazon:

thanks to OUP joining with Amazon for their most recent periodic
sale. (Lewis and Short is $152, Liddell-Scott-Jones' Greek lexicon is
$88.70, etc.)

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