Detitillating nakedness and enrobing food

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Tue Dec 18 00:23:43 UTC 2007

An e-mail from Lynne Murphy includes a citation with "the Naked Chef's"
on Feb 15, 2001
though I can't figure out who she's citing). This nickname for Jamie
Oliver apparently comes his show starting in 1998 "The Naked Chef"

The restaurant chain Hooter's also has naked chicken wings. I first
noticed them within the past three years. It simply means no breading,
but I always took the term to be a titillating sales point more than
anything. (This is explained as "SERVED UNBREADED "NAKED STYLE" at

Today, I found naked chocolate nibs at Theo Chocolate in Fremont,
Seattle. Their use doesn't seem to be titillating at all, simply
eye-catching. Their Website includes three citations:

Nib Brittle, enrobed or naked
Nib Brittle naked

Perhaps more interesting that naked here is this mentioning of enrobing,

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