Detitillating nakedness and enrobing food

Charles Doyle cdoyle at UGA.EDU
Tue Dec 18 14:21:59 UTC 2007

Georgians don't do low-carb, Larry!

Haven't we listers discussed the regional(?) point concerning whether the word "hotdog" refers just to the cylindrical meat-like object or to the entire sandwich (that is, cylindrical meat-like object plus a "hotdog bun")? In the South, a hotdog is usually the entire sandwich; the cylindrical meat-like object is a "wiener" or "weenie." (Full disclosure: My dog's name--and preferred spelling--is Weni.)


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>>The venerable Varsity restaurants, vending in the vicinities of Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia since 1928, are famous (among other reasons) for the specialized lingo of the counter employees, who translate the customers' orders and shout them to the cooks. One staple for many decades has been the "naked dog" (or "nekkid dawg," if you prefer), a hotdog prepared without mustard or mayonnaise or catsup or relish or topping--no "dressing" at all.
>But presumably with a roll?  In some quarters, under the sway of Atkins et al., "naked" (in particular for burgers) may in fact entail the absence of rolls or any other dread carbs.

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