"Waffo" -- New slang term?

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 In case this is of interest: I was privileged recently to receive a copy of a message sent by a member of my campus' Anime Club, which said:
                        "Waffo!  Come on baby, give me some suga'.  ;)" ------- [See below; last message]

A check of Urrbandictionary.com turns up a brief discussion of the term, which I've reproduced below.  (For some reason, I can't eliminate the big space between the two waffo's.)

Gerald Cohen


>From Urbandictionary.com

.1       waffo

A word used in the anime series "A Little Snow Fairy Sugar", commonly used as an exclamatory statement.

Saga: "Sugar, we are going to the park, hurry up!"

Sugar: "Waffo!"

2.       waffo

Introduced by Edward de Bono, lateral thinker, as a word opposing cool. It is the first two letters of WArm and FOrm, describing the average human being expressing his or her full potential and less likely to be warped by peer group pressure.

When you are waffo, you can do whatever you want.

I thought the stuff at the market was really waffo.

Waffo ideas give me a sense of freedom.

by Bronwyn Gannan <https://minermail.umr.edu/author.php?author=Bronwyn+Gannan>  Nov 28, 2004 email it


[Student Message, Show-Me Anime Club, University of Missouri-Rolla]:

Sent: Mon 12/10/2007 10:19 PM

Waffo!  Come on baby, give me some suga'.  ;)

-----Original Message-----

Also, anybody know what the officers decided we're seeing next semester?
I'd like whichever (or both) of Samurai 7 and Guran Lagaan that they're
not showing, as I'd like to see both.

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