Digitizing Wright's English Dialect Dictionary

Grant Barrett gbarrett at WORLDNEWYORK.ORG
Wed Dec 19 14:06:28 UTC 2007

The table of contents for the International Journal of Lexicography
tipped me off to something I think is outstanding (and has been on my
wish-list for ages): there's a project afoot to digitize Wright's
English Dialect Dictionary.

More information:

---SPEED (Spoken English in Early Dialects), the project which is
undertaking the effort:


---"Joseph Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary (1898-1905)
Computerised: architecture and retrieval routine," by Manfred Markus.
A 524K PDF about some of the work:


---"The Architecture of Joseph Wright's English Dialect Dictionary:
Preparing the Computerised Version," M. Markus and R. Heuberger,
International Journal of Lexicography 2007 20:355-368. Must be a paid
subscriber to read (although many libraries will have it, too.):



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