give me some sugar

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The oldest relative who used this very frequently was my Maw Maw
Dennis (my maternal grandmother, from Western KY) who used it in the
early 40's (my first remembrance), but of course she surely would
have used it much earlier. (She was also a "pretties" for "toys"
speaker.) It could refer to a hug but usually a kiss. Ain't got
nothin writ down I know of, but I'll look back in some old letters
and post cards.


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>DARE's entry is at "sugar," where there's plenty of evidence from the
>South and South Midland, from both White and Black speakers. If anyone
>can antedate 1967, though, we'd be happy to have the citation. (We can
>use Dennis's quote for an "as of 1940s" date, but a written example
>would be welcome.)
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