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Fri Dec 21 02:03:14 UTC 2007

The point came up on how to express the word “didn’t” phonetically.  In truespel I have ~didint.  In m-w.com it’s
Main Entry: didn't   Pronunciation: \ˈdi-dənt, -dən, dialect also ˈdit-ən(t) or ˈdint\   Date: 1675 .  
They use a special symbol that in the key is the same as in the word, kitten, \ ən\ as e in kitten or chicken or children.  I don’t know if these special symbols will come out in the email, which is a problem with them, and that they are not keyboard friendly.  In truespel these words are foespeld; ~kitin, ~chikin, and ~childrin.  Phonetics for English need not have any special symbols.
The same treatment is given “wouldn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t” etc. where in truespel it’s foespeld; ~woodint, ~koodint, ~shoodint.  The speakers in m-w.com appear to almost wipe out the second vowel, going from “d” to “n” with barely a vowelish sound.  Pretty unusual for a two syllable word, which needs two vowels.  I’d say the short i representation is more realistic as how pronounced by most folk, like chicken and children.  
2nd posting of this message.  First did not show up as far as I know.
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