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George:  You're managed to tie together the etymology of both the hot dog
and the hobo.  Congratulations.

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> An unprincipled scoundrel, named Conrad Sweidenmeyer, or some such
> outlandish name, has long been in the habit of making sausages and Bologna
> puddings out of dead rats, cats, dogs, and even horses, by which
> abominable villainy he has realized a considerable fortune.  ***  People
> can not be too cautious how they even touch sausages -- even when made
> properly and by Christians, there is something disgusting about them; but
> as they are now made, by hoeboys, and out of putrid dogs and rats, they
> are truly horrifying.  The sale of them ought to be interdicted by law.
>        Subterranean, June 28, 1845, p. 2, col. 3
> Is this perhaps "hoe-boy", i. e., farmer?   Sweidenmeyer seems like a
> typical city guy, though.  But perhaps other sausage vendors at the time
> were from the country.  Otherwise, I'm baffled.
> Bon appetit.
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