WONY (Word of NEXT Year)? Diavlog Revisited

Dennis R. Preston preston at MSU.EDU
Sun Dec 23 18:32:45 UTC 2007

It's interesting how some of these new blend creations, many
web-related, break the phonotactic rules of the language (no
vl-onsets in English - please don't write in and tell me about the
"English" word Vladivostok and other borrowed stuff). They made me
suspect a written first origin.


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>Subject:      WONY (Word of NEXT Year)? Diavlog Revisited
>In March of last year, Benjamin Zimmer noted
>the word 'diavlog', describing a video dialog. At that time, googling
>produced next to no hits on the word. Today, I found a total of nearly
>10,000 hits when 'diavlog' and 'dia-vlog' searches are counted together.
>More important, I became aware of the (diavlog) word because of a link
>to such an event via today's NY Times. So I'm wondering, though diavlog
>may be too little seen today to be cited as a WOTY, but could it be a
>potential Word of NEXT Year?
>(the other) doug
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