James Harbeck jharbeck at SYMPATICO.CA
Tue Dec 25 16:07:35 UTC 2007

Now, our TV doesn't put out the best sound of any TV ever, so it's
possible I'm just mishearing this, but I've heard this ad twice and
this is what I'm hearing: It's an ad for Leon's (a big furniture
store), and there are three women preparing to hit the big sale, and
one produces some walkie-talkies (to help them coordinate their
efforts) but refers to them as "walk-the-talkies." At least as far as
I can hear.

But I don't get any Google hits for "walk-the-talkies" and "walk the
talkie" just gives me a clearly deliberate pun. It's possible, too,
that if they're saying it in the ad it's meant as a deliberate pun; I
can't rule that out. But it'll be worth keeping an eye open over time
to see if this one has any kind of real vector.

James Harbeck.

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