Possibly OT: FW: Mystery of "Atomic Buffalo Turds" ( jalape ños )

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Thu Dec 27 15:00:06 UTC 2007

At 9:05 AM -0500 12/27/07, Charles Doyle wrote:
>Isn't there an airy French confection known (in translation) as "nun's fart"?

Indeed, "pet(s) de nonne" [ped(@)'nOn].  There
are also, or at least there used to be, "pet(s)
de putain", whore's fart(s), although I haven't
encountered those personally (in patisseries :-))
and don't know how they differ.


>  (Are farts an aspect of scatology?)
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>>Subject: Possibly OT: FW: Mystery of "Atomic Buffalo Turds" (jalapeños)
>>Barry Popik sent the message below to a select
>>group of ads-lers, and I now forward to to the
>>entire list.
>>Is there any other language with scatalogical
>>references in its food terminology (other than
>>as slang, e.g. in army SOS)?  Or is this
>>perhaps just a Texas thing?
>>Gerald Cohen
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