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Oops!  I had this backwards:  "colonial" is before 1692; "provincial"
is after.  But I'm still puzzled why "pre-colonial" is significant.


At 12/26/2007 09:18 PM, you wrote:
>I'm unclear as to the point of this.
>Is it intended to question whether anything in Boston could be
>"pre-Colonial"?  First, some historians distinguish a "provincial"
>period, from first European settlement until the second Massachusetts
>charter, circa 1698, from the "colonial" period, then until the
>Revolution.  Second, some of "Boston's narrow, winding streets" might
>trace back to Indian paths.  I don't know how much this is true of
>Boston, but Hawthorne assumes it of Salem in "Main Street".
>(Although I don't know whether the "cramped confines" had any effect
>-- didn't they simply tear down anything in the way?)
>At 12/26/2007 11:19 PM, JAMES A. LANDAU Netscape. Just the Net You
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>>Nation's Priciest Highway Project Ends
>>Those who built the Big Dig would have to undertake the massive
>>highway project
>>in the cramped confines of Boston's narrow, winding streets, some
>>dating to pre-Colonial days.
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