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Thanks Ben. In the article you wrote it says:
The editor of Blawg Review evidently has the merger and doesn't seem to be aware that others might not: (He writes:) "Interestingly, the word blawg is pronounced the same as the word blog, so there is absolutely no confusion in oral communication. In the written word, blawg is easily intelligible and conveys additional meaning to readers and to search engines."
I assume in "blawg" the "awe" vowel is "changed to "ah" - typical of awe-droppers.  How deep runs this mispronunciation?  Let's count the news announcers reporting on "cock-us's" instead of caucuses.  How naughty (knotty) of them.
World's worst awe-dropper?  I nominate the creator of "Costco", pronounced Kah-sko.  He was interviewed and does not have the "awe" sound in his personal foenubet (set of language sounds, which is a portmanteau-ish, nonce formated-ish, bending of phono- and alphabet).  
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