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Dawgee! [dOu 'gi] I keep on forgettin' [f at gETIn] that my
East-Texas-BE-based proppa Ang-lish idn the same as any, ah,
"standard" variants, jes' 'cause I distanguish "cot" from "caught."
*All*    -og words fall together with [Ou] ah eva [O], depending upon
what register I be using, irrigodliss of whin I loint 'em. It idn no
difference between the -og of "dog" words and the -og of "smog" words.

*Now* I understand your point, David.


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> > How will "dawg"-sayin' folk distinguish "blawg" from "blog" in speech?
> > By contex', I reckon.
> Actually, my cot-caught-distinguishin' self pronounces blog with an
> open-o, probably out of analogy with log, which has an open-o for me.
> (Hence my weakly-joked wonderment at why it was spelled blawg, not blog
> in my earlier post. I realized right after i sent it that that was a
> pretty opaque comment.)
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