"Child Success Specialist"

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It's good to see that at least one person here is interested in child
instruction.  The Cheli Cerra
unfotunately is very commercial.

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>Cheli Cerra is a former teacher and principal who appeared on Fox News this
>morning to comment on the Tacoma school shooting.
>   Cerra was identified without elucidation as a "Child Success
>Specialist." This seems to mean "speaker on issues concerning elementary
>and secondary education" but is far catchier.
>   Her promotional website
>[http://www.educationspeakersgroup.com/c_cerra.html] says that "Cheli, a
>wife and working mother of two, understands the reality of everyday life
>and creates strategies to meet these challenges quickly and easily."
>   Wow !  How many of *us* can meet the challenges of reality "quickly and
>easily" ?  That's why she's the specialist ! (And "considered 'America’s
>Most Trusted Principal'"
>   JL
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