AP confuses ADS and ANS; Ranahan (?)

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Amazing. The AP can't read and understand the ADS press release, something
that's handed to the AP each year?
Any help on "ranahan"/"ranny" is appreciated. HDAS? OED? Dallas Morning
News? Texas Siftings?

gle)   Books</a>
<i>Cowboy Lingo</i>
by Ramon F. Adams
New  York: Houghton Mifflin
1936 (original copyright)
Pg. 22:
The  cowboy was known, too, by such slang names as "ranahan" (which really
referred  to a top hand), "saddle-warmer," "saddle-slicer," "saddle-stiff,"
"leather-pounder," "cow-poke," "cow-prod," or "waddie," but the most common term
used in the cattle country was the simple title of "cow-hand" or "hand."
(Dictionary of American Regional English)
<i>ranahan</i> n [Perh <i>ranny</i> +  <i>hand</i>] West CF <i>ranny</i>
An experienced cowhand.
1936 Adams <i>Cowboy Lingo</i> 22, The cowboy was known, too,  by such slang
names as "ranahan" (which really referred to a top hand).
1936 McCarthy <i>Lang. Mosshorn</i> np West [range terms],
<i>Ranahan</i>,,,An experienced "hand" or cowboy.
<i>ranny</i> n
also <i>rannycavoo:</i> A cowboy. sometimes derog  Cf  <i>ranahan</i>
1907 Sinclair <i>Lure Dim Trails</i> 159 NW, There's going to  be roundups
like these old Panhandle rannies tell about, when the green grass  comes.
1924 James <i>Cowboys N. & S.</i> 25, Then it was about  time for the
"rannies" to pull up their ponies and figger where to go next. They  remembered how
they left Texas and how every State from there north was feeling  the pinch of
the fences.
1934 (1940) Weseen <i>Dict. Amer. Slang</i> 104  <i>Ranny</i> -- A cowboy on
the open range.
1942 Henry <i>High Border</i> 165 nRocky Mts. Catfish Joe,  Hell-roaring
Jones, Theodore Roosevelt, et al., were in the vernacular of the  High Bender
"cowpokes," "rannies," "rannycavoos," "hombres," or in a more  refined manner,
simply "cowboys."
11 January 1941, Charleston (WV) <i>Daily Mail</i>,"Fugitive on  a Dude
Ranch" by Stephen Payne, pg. 12, col. 4:
Ike introduced him as "Slim," and continued, "Two more rannies, Shorty  and
Gabby, are trailin' a bunch o' cows to Eagle butte pasture."

10 July 1968, <i>New Mexican</i> (Santa Fe, NM), "Spanish,  French, Indian,
English -- All in Cowboy Lingo," pg. 4:
A top hand, a cowboy who is efficient.

Short for ranahan.

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