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Yep, it's in DARE as that pronunciation. Listed as "esp. for PA."


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>On Jan 11, 2007, at 9:25 AM, Wilson Gray wrote:
> > "Radiator" pronounced to rhyme with "gladiator."
> >
> > I've heard this pronunciatiion in the wild from only three people,
> > all black, all male, and all  from either Virginia or Pennsylvania.
> > Two of them were much older than I am and are, therefore, dead. The
> > third person, from Pennsylvania, whom I heard today, appearing to be
> > about fifty, was also quite mature...
>i am familiar with this pronunciation from my childhood in eastern
>pennsylvania, where it was associated (in my mind) with older
>speakers -- my pennsylvania dutch grandmother, for one.  all these
>people were white.
>surely this is in DARE Vol. IV.  (i don't have easy access to DARE in
>the office where i am now.)
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