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In the mediæval universities, especially Paris, the students formed
"nations", roughly based on common language and place of origin, that were
to some extent self-governing and were represented as such in the
organization of the university. Seán Fitzpatrick
It’s a Gnostic thing. You wouldn't understand.

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I'm reading a history of the Jews in France and even in the medieval
period groups of people from other nationalities (e.g. Portuguese)
were referred to as nations, so this usage may have a longer history
than we credit.

On Jan 19, 2007, at 7:55 AM, Charles Doyle wrote:

> A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the use of "nation" extended to
> designate the collective supporters or fans of an academic
> institution (its athletic program, at least) or a professional
> sports team ("Bulldog nation," "Red Sox nation").
> Last night on Comedy Central a series of individuals proudly
> identified themselves as members of "the Colbert nation."
> --Charlie
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