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Breastizez -- heard from a Westchester (NY) white 14-yr-old and a Brooklyn
black 13-yr-old. Neither BE or WE it would seem, but C (confused) E.

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>> I just happened to see part of the "People's Court" (blame it on the
>> wife),
>> and I thought you other court tv watchers might like this.
>> I repeatedly heard the judge and the plantiffs/defendants pronounce
>> "chimney" with a schwa between the "m" and "n." I checked the OED and
>> it has
>> only one pronunciation (i.e. minus the schwa), so I'm wondering how well
>> known this pronunciation is. I don't think I've heard it seriously used
>> before.
>> Scot
>  ~~~~~~~~
> I had never heard it in the wild before coming to live in northern NY.
> It's fairly common among adults who grew up here, but I think it may be
> dying out among the younger generation. It sounds rather like Jiminy (as
> in
> Cricket). In  one case, the speaker also says "toastis", for several
> pieces
> of toast & I think may also insert that @ or a very short _ i_ into other
> consonant clusters, but I can't recall another specific one at the
> moment.
> AM
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