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> Can anyone antedate their 2005 Kath & Kim claim?

 From LexixNexis Academic
Copyright 2004 Nationwide News Pty Limited
Courier Mail (Queensland, Australia)

July 28, 2004 Wednesday


LENGTH: 831 words

HEADLINE: Gone belly up

BYLINE: Alicia Pyke

Alicia Pyke writes an obituary for a look that's been called the
ugliest fashion
of the past 15 years

TA-TA tummy. The biggest news from the fashion front is that exposed midriffs
are officially over. For women, baring a little or a lot of that expanse of
flesh between ribs and pubis has been one of the most tangible and consistent
directions from the fickle world of fashion for the whole of the Noughties so

Visit any major city and you're likely to see girls and women from tweens
through to their mothers with at least a 5cm gap of flesh around their middle
on show. It's not just a look adopted to display hard-won trim tummies but
plenty of flabby bellies as well.

For an unfriendly fashion that can render even slim young girls
unsightly, with
middles spilling over the top of tight jeans in what has become known as the
"muffin top" effect, it has proved to be alarmingly enduring.

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