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Is this the first time you've heard "devolve?" I've heard and used it for
some time.
A question for the more learned: is "-volve" a bound root in English. I'm
guessing it is but just wanted to get another opinion. If it is, then
"de-volve" actually "works" morphologically.

Scot LaFaive

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>For somebody's semiliteracy collection, from today's NYTimes Sunday
>Magazine, "On Language," by somebody named Jaime Epstein, recruited by
>Safire to fill in whilst he's on holiday (as they say in Blighty):
>   "His spelling, if that’s possible, has only devolved since (maybe that’s
>why he finds numbers so elegant), . . ."
>   devolved?
>   L. Urdang
>   Old Lyme
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