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How does this analysis apply WRT such annoying cases of
Frenchification as "British [raZ]" and "Bei[ZIN]"?


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> At 8:20 AM -0700 7/11/07, Arnold M. Zwicky wrote (inter alia):
> >in my various households (from childhood on), curly endive was a
> >plain and homely green, often blanched in boiling water or served
> >with a boiled dressing (dandelion greens were treated the same way);
> >"endive" in this sense was always pronounced [Endajv].  Belgian/
> >French endive, on the other hand, was a more exotic vegetable, for a
> >long time available only in specialty food stores or through the
> >tedious blanching-in-the-garden process; "endive" in this sense was
> >almost always pronounced [andiv], or with a more accurate attempt at
> >a genuine french pronunciation.  so, for my various families, the two
> >pronunciations were used to distinguish the two different plants
> >(well, my french mother-in-law mostly just pronounced food names in
> >french across the board), and i was annoyed by people who used
> >[Endajv] for both; i'd have to ask, "do you mean curly endive or
> >Belgian endive?"
> >
> It also correlates directly with price--curly endive, with
> penultimate stress, a.k.a. chicory, goes for $0.79 to $1.49/lb.
> (usually the same price as escarole), while Belgian endive, with
> optional final stress and nasalized vowel, will fetch upwards of
> $2.99/lb.  Following my mother's usage, I usually pronounce the
> latter as ['Endajv] myself, but then it's always prefixed by
> "Belgian", and since I usually call the former chicory, no pernicious
> ambiguity is likely to arise.
> The price difference for [a~'div] vs. ['Endajv], for those who
> maintain those pronunciations, nicely parallels the one others have
> described for [vaz] vs. [vejs].
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