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Patti Kurtz tb5fab at GMAIL.COM
Wed Jul 18 01:53:49 UTC 2007

Okay, I know this isn't quite on topic, but there are many respected
linguists on this list who I'm hoping have some resources to suggest.  A
friend of mine knows a Saudi student who's trying to learn English.
Apparently, he has his vocabulary down okay, and understands individual
words, but has trouble understanding sentences (and I assume, speaking
sentences as well).  Most of the linguistic texts I'm familiar with are
for native speakers or for ESL teachers, so I;m a bit out of my depth here.

Can anyone recommend workbooks, web sites, other tools the student might
use to improve?  (he's in an ESL course at a university, but having a
hard time with it)  You can e mail me off list if you like at
tb5fab at

Thanks in advance,

Patti Kurtz
Assistant Professor, English
Minot State University

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