A valedictory f.w.i.w.

Mark Mandel thnidu at GMAIL.COM
Sat Jul 21 21:33:03 UTC 2007

Larry, did you bcc Tom directly? He said: "Comments that any ADS-L member
may have on the subject raised here may please be saved for Chicago or
emailed directly to me. I won't be checking in here again except when I have
a particular research request."

m a m

On 7/21/07, Laurence Horn <laurence.horn at yale.edu> wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> I was thinking the unnamed offender might have
> been me, based on the exchange we had on "venery"
> (one source or two) back a year and a half ago or
> so (and the fact that I fit the job description).
> I was going to say that I had not intended any
> petulance, nor engaged in vulgarity (I try to be
> careful to avoid directing any vulgarity toward
> others while feeling free to mention and analyze
> it ad nauseam), but on closer examination of the
> archives I've come to the conclusion that I may
> not have been your target.  If I'm wrong in
> absolving myself and I was your target, I
> apologize; I certainly had to intention of
> driving you away over a controversy on the
> development of the PIE roots of desire.
> Now, I'd have thought Mr. Aman was the one who
> engaged in vituperation, ad hominem attacks, and
> various other unmotivated calumnies, but he's not
> a professor of lingusitics and as I recall didn't
> direct any of his attacks on you, so he couldn't
> have been the perpetrator of the final straw.
> Larry

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