Lego vs. Legos: Americanism? Regionalism?

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Legos, New Jersey, born in 1963.

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On his blog, Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings recently discussed what one reader
considered an error in his book Brainiac: Lego vs. Legos. Jennings says
"Legos," which LEGO (the company) and many Lego fans don' t care for. As
Jennings says:

Some households say "Let's play with Lego." Others (a majority in America,
I'm guessing) say, "Let's play with Legos."

I say "play with Legos" -- born in '70, raised in Wisconsin's Fox Valley and
Milwaukee suburbs.

How does the Lego vs. Legos issue break down elsewhere? National boundaries?

 -- James Callan

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