"What goes around, comes around" (1962 by Paul Crump)

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FWIW, 1962 is the year that I first heard this phrase spoken. Barry's
quotes are the first time that I can recall seeing it written. I may
have seen it in print elsewhere, but I find it so annoying that I
would have made a point of forgetting it.


[P.S. for dInIs: 1962 is the year that I was released from active duty
in the military. Shortly thereafter, I entered into a close personal
relationship with a woman whose most annoying feature was her
*constant* use of "What goes around comes around" as a catch phrase.
I'd never heard it before and nobody else that I've ever known, down
to the present day, has used it since. That's one example of the way
in which my magical memory works. -W.]

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> On Tue, 24 Jul 2007, Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:
> > The Yale Book of Quotations has this on pg. 527, Modern Proverbs #37, "What
> > goes around, comes around," by Malcolm Braly, _On the Yard_ (1967).
> Very nice antedating, Barry!  Even with all its faults, Google Books seems
> worth checking, although for "whole nine yards" it seems only to lead to
> silliness.
> Fred Shapiro
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